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Key Exchange Failed

Is there anything I can do to make this work?
Or am I stuck for the moment, if so how long?

I am aware of several similar posts of this nature.
And of an entry in the FAQ here

I have taken the following action
- Trialling the current version of SecureCRT Version 8.5.2 (x64 build 1799)
- Ticked all the boxes in
Connection > SSH2 > Authentication and
Connection > SSH2 > Key Exchange
- Played around reordering the entries (not sure what I am doing though)

There is no specific key exchange method listed in SecureCRT corresponding to SHA2-256 and/or hmac-ripemd160 which the servers supports.

The server in question is Cisco APIC Ver 3.0(1k) available August 2017.

Have I done all that I can?
Thanks for any reply even if to confirm I nothing more can be done for the moment...
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