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To have the local shell automatically open you will first want to create a new session using the Local Shell protocol. After creating this session navigate to Options > Global Option > Default Session. Here you will want to enable the Use auto session option and Add... the newly created Local Shell session.

This should automatically open a local shell anytime you launch SecureCRT. Does this get you the desired behavior?

From the command line you can use the /T option to open a session in a new tab. When used in conjunction with the /S options, the /T option opens the specified session or sessions in a separate tab or tabs. For example, the command:

/T /S ubuntu
opens session ubuntu in a new tab. You may be able to get the behavior you're looking for by mapping your StartKey + T shortcut to something like the following.

SecureCRT /T /S <name of your local shell session>
Does this help?

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