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Originally Posted by quark-man
anyway,...i'm liking this Gooeyscript, BUT i think everytime i run the script, it loads up Gooeyscript in the background and doesn't terminate the process.

this ends up running as a background process, multiple times.
i think i'm also not ending the script properly, so it's always registering an instance of Gooeyscript. i may solved this for, ...

either way, i really like this Gooeyscript.
i was hoping somebody can help me answer a query of mine (as i don't know how to contact the main developer of this, even though he/she has stopped supporting it)

when there's a textbox, how come it's not a single-line field???
i punch in "abc" and then a carriage-return, and it takes me one level down *within* the textbox.
i would like to be able to define a text field by, say, 50 characters and to be single-line. i can't afford it to contain it'll screw up what i need it for.

is this possible?

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