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Hi ShawnVW,

Without the raw log, I can only guess, but if the ALLOW B/O is the data you are trying to get, then you might consider code similar to this:

crt.Screen.WaitForString("ALLOW B/O:")
crt.Screen.ReadString("Y", "N")
If crt.Screen.MatchIndex = 1 Then
    MsgBox("Allow B/O = Yes!")
ElseIf crt.Screen.MatchIndex = 2 Then
    MsgBox("Allow B/O = No")
End If
That assumes that the Y or the N actually comes from the remote in sequence row by row. It's possible that the remote system paints all the fields first, and then paints the values in the fields (you already know there's at least an escape sequence surrounding the "Y" and the "N" to make it bold, so crt.Screen.IgnoreEscape will need to remain true for the duration of whatever script you are running).

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