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Excellent. I will be watching for the feature. Until then I will add an env that does the same.

My original issue:

I setup all of the secureCRT scripts and connections on an external drive on my local machine. I currently have more than 50 connections. Each connection runs a login script. Each login script location is setup in the session/options area and points to my local disk: v:/VPN/secureCRT/scripts/london.vbs

Once I have all of my connections automated I give the folder to other secureCRT users.

They drop the folder on an appropriate local drive and set the global 'Configuration folder' to that drive. So far so good.

But when the script tries to run it doesn't find my path. It's not possible for me to emulate my config for every user. But I can maintain the same directory structure on each system. if the v: could be replaced by the 'Configuration folder' it would all just fall into place.

Thank you for your efforts!
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