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Hi cduerr,

It would be beneficial if I could review some more detailed "process level" information from when this issue is occurring.

I'm hoping you can take the below steps and send the resulting log to with "Attn: Eric Forum thread 12775" in the subject line.

1) Open a terminal window with the built-in Apple Terminal app.

2) Within the Terminal app, enter the following command at the shell prompt: sudo dtruss -an SecureCRT > ~/Desktop/SecureCRT_dtruss.txt 2>&1

The above command will prompt for your account password (sudo) so that the dtruss command will be able to run with highest privs, which is requires for proper dtruss operation. Once the command is running, you won't see any output (all command output is being redirected to a file on your Desktop named "SecureCRT_dtruss.txt").

3) Start SecureCRT and connect to a session. Once the problem has exhibited itself press Control-C in your Terminal window (the one that was running the dtruss command from step 2) to end the dtruss activity.

4) Send a copy of the "SecureCRT_dtruss.txt" file saved to your Desktop as an attachment to your reply.

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