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Hi jeepndesert,

It would be nice if there was a noticeably different visual and audible alert when over-writing a newer file than over-writing an older file. Even having the option to "block uploads" to a window in a session would be nice, perhaps even a checkbox at the top of the window.

I've lost changes because I sent a file in the wrong direction even though I usually try to force myself to use a local CVS server.
Have you tried using the Synchronize option (Tools / Synchronize)? This will only upload, download if the file is newer.

I have added three feature requests to our development database for the ability to customize the button bar, change the layout view of the button bar and record keystrokes when editing a button.

We will post to this forum if a future release of SecureCRT has any of these features implemented.

If you would like to be notified directly, please send an email to with a subject of "Attn: Todd -- feature request in forum post #3410."

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