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Question Lost linux Screen scrollback buffer on SecureCRT 8 to 9 upgrade?

Seems after I upgraded from SecureCRT 8.x to 9.x on Windows 10, I lost ability to scrollback in my CentOS Linux Screen sessions ? Currently using SecureCRT 9.0.0 x64 build 2430 released on Feb 18, 2021

My Screen has default set to scrollback buffer of 200000 lines in CentOS 7.9 servers I log into

cat /root/.screenrc 
defscrollback 200000
rpm -qa screen
Even starting a Screen session with custom scrollback history size doesn't work
screen -S test -h 200000
I am using Terminal Emulation = Xterm with ANSI with 256 colour mode and Size of logical rows 90 and logical columns 157 with SecureCRT scrollback buffer at 128000 and on resize synchronize view to size. And Emulation mode has initial mode, Line wrap checked with Mode switching Enable 80/132 column switching unchecked.
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