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Hi someguy99,

You can be absolutely confident that SecureCRT is sending all of the text in the file and that the remote is echoing back the garbled text. You proved this by increasing your line send delay to 1ms. Increasing the line send delay option allowed your remote device time to process the pasted text and correctly echo it back to SecureCRT.

We have written a script that should improve this interaction for you. Please disable the send delay options that you previously configured and then refer to the following instructions:

1. Download and save our "PasteWithEchoFlowControl" script:
2. Create a button on your Button Bar to run the script.

You can enable the Button Bar from the "View" menu. Right-click on the Button Bar to add a "New Button" and name it accordingly. Please refer to the following configuration example:
3. Once you have successfully saved your button, connect to the remote that you have been testing with. Copy the desired text to your clipboard and then press the button to run the script.

Does the script improve your interaction with the remote host when you paste large amounts of text into the SecureCRT window?
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