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External key agent and VANDYKE_SSH_AUTH_SOCK


reading the documentation and trying to find information on the support of external key agent on Windows (Pageant, Windows OpenSSH agent ( /, KeeAgent, ...), I couldn't find that it's supported (, but I found VANDYKE_SSH_AUTH_SOCK mentioned once somewhere.

By setting the environment variable VANDYKE_SSH_AUTH_SOCK=\\.\pipe\openssh-ssh-agent, I'm able to list the keys contained in the agent, but trying to connect an host, SecureCRT connection hangs when trying to use publickeys. Using ioninja I found the error "All pipe instances are busy." is returned when connecting the pipe ; after this the agent is trying to respond/connect, but too late maybe? (As you can see, I know very little about Windows pipes ). It seems odd since the listing is working fine.

I have traces from IOninja if you want/need, basically it's:
Client file opened > Cannot open client file (All pipe instances are busy.) > Server file opened
and when listing keys:
Client file opened, send 00 00 00 01 0b, Server file opened, send 00 00 01 26 0c + keys

It looks like compatibility with the included OpenSSH agent in Windows is very close to be possible, is it planned / could you implement that so external agents like KeeAgent could be used?

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