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Originally Posted by bgagnon View Post
Hi winniec,

One thing that jumps out at me immediately is that I don't see where you have ever set Synchronous to True:
tab.Screen.Synchronous = True
Even though it's a VBScript manual, Scripting Essentials explains in chapter 4 why this is so vital to be sure you don't miss data (section with Avoid "Missing" Data with Screen.Synchronous = True as the title).

Also, a minor thing, in one spot you are using \n with the Send() instead of \r:
        ###Send the commands to the tab
            for command in COMMANDS:
What your script does is very close to one of our example scripts in the forums here so you might look it over for further tips/clues.
Thanks for the response.
I have a synchronized code at the very beginning. Sorry I did not paste entirely.
SCRIPT_TAB.Screen.IgnoreEscape = True

I solved this issue with adding one command in the command list. Then filter the key word in the last word to decide whether we stop the tab.

Add one more "show version" in the COMMAND list. Then add these at the end:

if tab.Screen.WaitForStrings("Running Image"):

Though it works....but seems not so perfectly...
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