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Hi MADperl,

SecureCRT will always display all the text sent by the remote system. That being said you may be able to get behavior similar to what you're looking for using SecureCRT's Keyword Highlighting feature.

Keyword Highlighting allows you to use color for aiding in your pattern-matching where you need to spot things that are "important". For example: Want the word "Error" to always appear on the screen in red? Or how about "Failed" or "down", etc? This is where keyword highlighting can help... and with support for regular expression highlighting (Windows only for the time being), words can be highlighted by specifying a pattern -- so you can color IP addresses for easy detection, as one example. Here's a pretty good discussion on it, with some screen shots from forum community member, Casey:

Keyword highlighting does not currently support highlighting multi word patterns. I've added you to feature requests for both multi word and full line highlighting. Should these options become available we'll be sure to post here.

Does this help get you the functionality you're looking for?

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