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according to Bocks it seems like it is reverse of what you are saying.
from bocks on an way earlier post:
"When you add a line or character send delay, you are effectively slowing down the transfer rate of the data. This allows the buffer to keep up with both the incoming and outbound data (by which I mean the rate at which and application pulls data from the buffer.) The line send delay is usefull if the system processes a line at a time, and only a small delay is needed. By using a character send delay, you can dramatically affect the overall transmission speed because the delay is used after each and every character is sent."

Not seeing any real improvement.
0 ms -5 sec wait, 118 sec for result
1 ms - 5 sec wait, 99 sec for result
10 ms - 5 sec wait, 82 sec for result
50 ms - 5 sec wait, 124 sec for result
100 ms - 5 sec wait, 106 sec for result
250 ms - 5 sec wait, 89 sec for result

If I remember correctly, setting the delay helps when pasting large amt of lines to sesssion. I had problems a while back when pasting a config to a router, some lines would be corrupted..

Also, I'm not sure why incoming data will case an issue with an out going command.

Your reference is correct.

Also, the inbound and outbound performance of ZOC and Iterm is 2 orders of magnitude better... Unfortunately this has been an ongoing problem for awhile (at least since 5.0 beta).
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