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Would you provide more explicit details between these two steps? Knowing the exact work flow is important to be able to provide suggestions to accomplish your goal.
the steps of the script is the easy part, it's already functional (minus the loop) in the code posted earlier. i'm less concerned about getting the function of the script working. (though i do plan on expanding to figuring out how to send an email, like our last project did).

the reason i was posting here was in hopes of figuring out how it was 'hidden'. For instance, the users never clicked the scripts tab to turn it off/on. If they opened securecrt, it was automatically ready to go. How they accomplished that is a complete mystery to me. The only way i knew to bypass it was to use a different tool, which was a big no-no there. Unfortunately i do not recall if there was anything even visible in the scripts tab. I never checked.

As far as removing functionality, i never noticed any hindrances (at least for the purposes we use securecrt for). We could still use tabs, change settings, add login scripts, add hotkeys, etc.

I wish i could provide more info regarding what was used before, that would be helpful to me as well, hah. The burden is knowing it's possible, but not knowing the bridge to get there. That's what i'm aiming to figure out.
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