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Hi tard01,

Thanks for the information.
As far as forcing users to do it, i know it's possible. I've seen it deployed. User made no effort and when they installed securecrt, it already had the built in script as part of the program.
Having used SecureCRT for some time, I can say with certainty that there is really no way to "force" a user to run a script. You can manipulate things such that the way to work around running the script can be obfuscated, but it can't be forced. SecureCRT is not designed to work like that. As I think about it, it may be possible to do a little more than just obfuscate things, but this would require disabling much of SecureCRT's functionality. Do you want the users to have access to tabs? What version of SecureCRT are you using in your organization?

If you just want the script to run when a connection is established, then you can enable the Logon script: option located in the Connection / Logon Actions category of the Session Options dialog.

If you have the ability to access the place where you have seen your goal achieved, please get the information. I would certainly be interested in knowing what they have done.
The code i posted is not tested. Nor does it work. It actually has a permanent loop on the prompt box. it was just pasted as an example of the goal i'm trying to use to hopefully give some clue to anyone wondering. I basically took versions from other pieces of things ive seen and meshed them together. I've gotten the script to work (minus the loop i had issues with, but will work on later - likely a syntax thing).
You can add a conditional statement to exit the loop so you don't have an infinite loop. For example:
Exit Do
user loads securecrt
upon entering config t, user is prompted by a window asking for ticket
Would you provide more explicit details between these two steps? Knowing the exact work flow is important to be able to provide suggestions to accomplish your goal.

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