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Hi Jay,

Currently, when ANSI colors are enabled, the background is set to the first ANSI color listed which is black.

We do have several requests to allow this to be changed.

Would you like to be contacted if a version of SecureCRT is released with this option?

If so, a post would be made here if a version were released. If email is prefered, just send a message to with a subject of ATTN: Teresa Forum Thread 1284 so that we can notify you via email.

The ANSI colors can be changed globally in the 'ANSI Color' sub-category under 'Appearance' and 'Terminal' in the 'Global Options'. This is a global change. For example, changing the first color (black) to a different color will affect the screen anytime that color is requested by the remote.

If black is not a common color called by applications, changing it may be a workaround for now.


Teresa Nygren

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