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Originally Posted by rtb
Hi Tim,

It is not currently possible to close the last tab in SecureCRT. As this is the case, if you can describe in detail what steps you are manually taking, we may be able to help you find a solution to the problem.

Would you post the exact steps you are taking which result in SecureCRT closing?

If you are using a script, would you post the script you are running?
Hello rtb...

I'm not using any scripts. The thing is, when SecureCRT starts, there are no tabs open. It seems logical, given that, that you should be able to close the last tab (so that there are no tabs open), and yet SecureCRT not shut down, doesn't it?

The "steps" I'm taking are merely opening a bunch of sessions in tabs, and, as I'm done with each one, logging out of the session (a regular Unix logout). Let's say for argument's sake I've open 5 sessions in tabs, each of which is a connection to 1 group of servers.

Now I want to open connections to a different group of servers... so I log out of all the current sessions, thus closing the tabs (as I've selected Terminal->Close on disconnect). If I close the last tab, SecureCRT itself closes. This means if I want to open the 2nd set of sessions in my example, I'd have to keep one last tab open, open the 2nd set of sessions, then close the last remaining connection to the 1st set of sessions.

This kind of shuffling seems a little silly for a reasonably expensive program.

Why MUST SecureCRT close when the last session tab is closed, if SecureCRT is able to be open when it starts up without any session tabs open?

- Tim
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