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Hi solidstate214,

Even if there are not built-in shortcuts, if the functionality exists (and it does), you can likely map it to a custom key or button.

If you review the chart in the Table of Keymap Functions table (in SecureCRT's help file), you will see MENU_DISCONNECT and MENU_DISCONNECT_ALL.
  • Go to Terminal / Emulation / Mapped Keys category in Session Options (This is the method our support team prefers though you are free to use a keymap *file* if you prefer.)
  • Select Map a Key...
  • Press the key combination to which you want to map the functionality
  • From the Map Selected Key dialog, in the Function dropdown, select Menu Function
  • From the Menu Function dropdown, find the desired MENU_DISCONNECT or MENU_DISCONNECT_ALL (these are close to the top)
  • OK all the dialogs
  • Apply this mapping to all sessions using Default Session (or apply the configuration of the .key file in the Terminal / Emulation category to all sessions)

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