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Originally Posted by berdmann View Post
Hi allegro,

This behavior has been reported in the past and is a result of Gatekeeper Randomization (GPR), which causes issues with SecureCRT/SecureFX not being available on the dock and problems with integration.

You should be able to resolve this behavior by running the following commands in your local terminal:

xattr -dr /Applications/
xattr -dr /Applications/
If SecureCRT and SecureFX are installed in the same folder and are not acting integrated, run the following:

defaults delete com.vandyke.SecureCRT "Config Path" 
defaults delete com.vandyke.SecureFX "Config Path"
Are you able to launch SecureFX from SecureCRT after running the suggested commands?
Thank you very much for your help. After running the first set of commands, the icon to launch SecureFX appears on the SecureCRT toolbar(So I didn't try the second set of commands.). But I was asked to re-enter the registration information, but that's OK. Thank you again.
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