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Hello bigbang,

There are five methods I can think of that a tab title can be set:
  • Derived from the session's name
  • Escape sequence received by SecureCRT from the shell (or remote)
  • Right-click on a tab and choosing 'Rename'
  • Configuring via Session Options 'Terminal / Appearance / Window' (Title bar)
  • Set tab caption via a script
What version of SecureCRT for Mac OSX are you using?

When you see that the tab name has changed, what does running the hostname command reveal?

If you always want to have the session name as the tab name, enable 'Ignore window title change requests' option in the 'Terminal / Emulation / Advanced' category of Session Options.

With regards to having the tab name always reflect the current command running, this is more difficult as SecureCRT is simply a broker between you and the shell.

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