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Originally Posted by stevemanes View Post
I've been using SecureCRT for almost ten years. No complaints except for when I have to do periodic Ubuntu operating system updates via the terminal, like with AWS servers. The problem is the pick list menus give no indication of what selection you've made or which has been selected by default.

I've got my terminal emulation set to "Xterm" but that's probably not good for this. What emulation do I need to at least get an ANSI highlighted bar on those selection lists?
What command are you using from the console to get at the "pick list"?

I'm not familiar with the approach you're using to engage in the update pick list, but if it's at all like the old days of "setup" or other console-directed apps, they expect to be talking to a Linux console, not an Xterm console.

If you make a copy of your existing session, and edit it's Session Options to set the Emulation to Linux, and then connect to the remote host and engage your update "pick list" console app, do you get the behavior you're looking for?

If not, we'd likely need to troubleshoot with some raw logging, which troubleshooting would best be conducted over direct email rather than public online forums. If Linux emulation doesn't solve the problem for you, please send email to referencing ATTN: Jake - Forum thread #13504 in the subject, and we'll continue from there.

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