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I did a "Previous Versions" Restore Point to earlier in the month, however I get the same results when I open a "Sessions in Tab". It seems that when a Session opens, it goes to a "Full Screen" size and hides both the main MENU and TOOL bars. When I close the Session, the screen remains in "FULL Screen" and everything is hidden. No matter what settings I change, I can't keep "FULL SCREEN" from happening. It never did this before. What I need is to see the (I think you call it the "Explorer Bar"? - the one that shows the MIN/MAX/EXIT in the top right corner). Then below that I want to see a Global Menu Bar, and below that the Global ToolBar. When I open a Session-in-tap, it should be below the other Explorer/Menu/Tool bars. When I close a session, all the Explorer/Menu/Tool bars should still be there. I played with the "Disable Resize", but when I relaunch SecureCRT it goes back to the same "hide the bars" senario. I made some changes in the Global.ini file, but they don't seem to SAVE on the next launch. I still need some help with this and would appreciate any I can get.
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