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Hello Samuel,

Thank you for the output.

From the looks of it, you have the 'Anti-idle' option 'Send string XX every ## seconds' enabled and have configured it to send a backspace.

Is 'Send protocol NO-OP every ## seconds' also enabled?

You apparently overlooked my last question:
Does this happen to all your connections or only to certain remotes/devices?
The reason I would like to know what types of connections experience disconnects is that we have a build available that resolves a known issue of intermittent disconnects when connecting to Cisco routers.

If you are connecting to Cisco routers, please contact and reference "Attn Brenda - Forum Thread #5495" in the subject line and I will make that build available to you.

If you experience disconnects to non-Cisco remotes/devices, please collect 'Trace Options' output as outlined below.

To enable trace options output:
  • First, open SecureCRT's main "File" pull-down menu and select "Trace Options". If you open the "File" pull down menu again you should see a checkmark next to "Trace Options", indicating that troubleshooting output is now enabled.
  • Next, connect to the remote machine. With trace options enabled, you will notice debugging information displayed in the terminal window that isn't normally there by default when SecureCRT is attempting to establish a connection, and at certain times throughout the lifetime of the connection.
  • Once the problem occurs, please right-click inside the terminal window and choose "Select All", then right-click again and choose "Copy" to transfer the information to the Windows clipboard.
  • Finally, open a text editor like 'Notepad', paste the information from the Windows clipboard into the editor program, and save it as a text file.
Since trace options can contain sensitive information, feel free to send it as an attachment via e-mail to Please reference "Attn Brenda - Forum Thread #5495" in the subject line.

Using the above information, are you able to provide "trace options" output?

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