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Question Screen Scrolling and Menu Issues

Hello and good day!

I have been having some issues with the screen settings and behavior. First, I was having an issue with the screen jumping to the bottom every time I hit enter or when I selected menu options provided by a work server. When I adjusted the number of rows down to 50, it stopped doing that, but now that menu, which used to clear the viewport and have a new option upon selecting items is now just stacking... not clearing on options, but just appending to the bottom causing problems that is irritating my users a lot and causing problems in my script.

My script pulls the screen content using the crt.Screen.get(0,1, CurrentRow,5000), but with it stacking vs. clearing I am getting multiple menu options. It just started doing that, and I am not sure why.

Please advise? Thank you for your time and insight!
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