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Hello rciulla,

It looks like you're wanting to use a certificate with SecureCRT for authentication. You'd like to do this rather than use an SSH public or private key, at least for testing, right?

The server appears to have rejected the key. It may be useful for you to use debug output on the server side to see why the server rejected the key. It looks like it was rejected at the fingerprint stage, so it didn't find a matching fingerprint in the right location:
[LOCAL] : SENT : USERAUTH_REQUEST [publickey (ssh-rsa) - unsigned,fingerprint: 8e:73:2a:48:d9:3f:dc:01:43:30:5f:19:b0:32:09:b3]
[LOCAL] : RECV : USERAUTH_FAILURE, continuations [publickey,password]
Could you send the OpenSSH client output to, and also send the corresponding SSH server debug messages?

Also, please send the server debug log that shows SecureCRT trying to connect.

This type of information is better not to post to a public forum as it often contains sensitive data.

In the e-mail please put Attn Mike Forum Thread 10644.
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