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When does the hang occur? Is it as soon as you try to connect to the remote host?
- At random times. I might be connected to an active session, I might have been connected for a while, I might be opening a new session or I might not be connected to anything, sometimes I don't even have an old session open, but when I click onto an already open instance of SecureCRT from another application sometimes the application hangs and when it starts responding again it acts as if the main mouse button is being held down until I click somewhere else again.

If you open your native terminal and perform a similar task do you notice the same behavior?
- No but I don't notice this same behavior with any other application either. It only happens with SecureCRT and since it happens regardless of whether or not there is an active terminal session it doesn't seem that the issue is actually related to the terminal sessions, just the application itself.

Can you please provide me with the exact steps that you are taking in SecureCRT and provide me with a detailed description of the behavior that you encounter as you are executing said steps?
- I click onto SecureCRT from another active window to change focus back to SecureCRT and the application hangs. I get the beachball mouse pointer sometimes, other times it remains a regular mouse pointer but won't respond. After several seconds the application begins responding again but it acts as if I am holding the main mouse button down. This morning it began dragging the SecureCRT window around my desktop until I clicked the mouse again to get it to release SecureCRT. Other times it will select text inside the active terminal session until I click elsewhere and then anything I may have typed during that time will appear in the terminal at the prompt. Still other times it will begin dragging specific sessions from the Session Manager window and I have to click elsewhere to get it to quit dragging the session. Essentially it's just randomly hanging and then interpreting my initial mouse click to change focus to SecureCRT as a click and hold until I click again elsewhere.
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