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Originally Posted by chrysek View Post
I usualy login via term this way:

ssh -l mycorp\\user hostname
in the quick connect I put my hostname then as user name I put

but when I try to connect my windows hangs, I dont get prompted for password and its just locks up, I have to force to close my window. What am I doing wrong?
On a Linux/Mac shell, the \ character usually means you're escaping some special character, so you have to double them up (as in \\) to get a single \.

Within the Username field of SecureCRT's Quick Connect window, there is no need for escapement; just use a single \, as in mycorp\user.

If you continue to experience problems, generate a Trace Options log as per the instructional video on our YouTube channel, and send us an email with the Trace Options output log attached (use a subject of "ATTN: Jake - Forum thread 13282"). Don't post your trace options here in the public forums, because there may be sensitive info within it that you don't want broadcast to the world here on the forums.

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