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Originally Posted by jdev View Post
VANDYKE_SSH_AUTH_SOCK (named in such a way as to not imply interoperability with or collide with SSH_AUTH_SOCK) is not interoperable with SSH_AUTH_SOCK.[/LIST]
Yes this is clear, sorry if I let understand confusion, I was just trying to make it work with a normal agent hoping it would work (which is partially true).

Originally Posted by jdev View Post
I've captured feature requests on your behalf for SecureCRT to either use KeePass directly or by leveraging the OpenSSH agent on Windows.

I don't have any ETA as to if/when such might ever be implemented, but if either of these features become available we will be happy to post news of it here.
Thank you, I hope you'll be able to implement this. Please note that KeeAgent is able to act like the new native Windows OpenSSH agent (ie. serve a named pipe at the same location), not just like Pageant.

Originally Posted by jdev View Post
Where did you see any mention of VANDYKE_SSH_AUTH_SOCK?
Not anywhere on Vandyke documentations , but somewhere on the Internet, software claiming to be compatible with SecureCRT (which doesn't seems to work actually).
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