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Ubuntu 20.10 is not a supported platform for SecureCRT/SecureFX. Ubuntu 20.10 is not an LTS release, and there are currently no plans for SecureCRT/SecureFX to support it. However, we'll be happy to post here should anything become available.

The following steps have been reported to successfully allow individuals to get SecureCRT/SecureFX 9.0.x working on Ubuntu 20.10:
# Get the libicu66 package...
cd ~/Downloads

# Install the libicu66 package...
sudo apt install -y ./libicu66_66.1-2ubuntu2_amd64.deb

# Install SecureCRT+SecureFX bundle:
sudo apt install -y ./scrt-sfx-9.0.1-2451.ubuntu20-64.x86_64.deb
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