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Hello Alexandre,

Here are some points of clarification that may help to explain why you are seeing the behavior you reported:
  • SSH_AUTH_SOCK is what OpenSSH uses.
  • VANDYKE_SSH_AUTH_SOCK is what VanDyke Software products use on the Windows platform.
  • VANDYKE_SSH_AUTH_SOCK (named in such a way as to not imply interoperability with or collide with SSH_AUTH_SOCK) is not interoperable with SSH_AUTH_SOCK.
I've captured feature requests on your behalf for SecureCRT to either use KeePass directly or by leveraging the OpenSSH agent on Windows.

I don't have any ETA as to if/when such might ever be implemented, but if either of these features become available we will be happy to post news of it here.

I found VANDYKE_SSH_AUTH_SOCK mentioned once somewhere
Where did you see any mention of VANDYKE_SSH_AUTH_SOCK?

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