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Thanks, this should help out a lot.

"Alternatively, you could run a script from within SecureCRT and read the data, parsing as you go."
-This is prefered... parse it before it goes into the text/import file rather than parsing just the command outputs from within my DB... primarily because each device will likely require modifications to the script and I feel the script is the most appropriate spot for all this variably, rather than cluttering up my DB. However, later, I may want to initiate the script from the DB for one click importing. The script will likely grow later, gathering even more configuration data.
-Are there any other nuggets of information related to this approach that you can feed me? Or are there any examples, sections or documents that you think I should read to accomplish this approach? I am a highly experienced programmer of arbitrary languages; the hardest part for me is always just getting setup in a development environment.

I've never really had to worry about scripting engines, in the past I always used the OS default engine I presume. But I suspect your document will clear up this missing knowledge.

I think this questions are still outstanding:
1. So the first question is, "will it be possible to precisely get this output in a DB importable form using the pipe operator, or is this just far to much customizing for the pipe to handle?". If yes, got any hints?
-If I can precisely control the command outputs and sort of combine commands, this will make parsing easier for me, a lot easiler. For example, "show ip interface brief" contains interface names plus IP addresses (in tabular form which will help with parsing) that I want in my table, "show vlan brief" tells me what physical interfaces are on which vlan (vlans are being treated the same as physical interfaces within my DB, i.e. same table) and "show interface" tells me the MAC addresses of the interfaces. Would there be a way to type in a long structured command that only gives the data I need, or is this just too much for the device to handle and a script is really the only option?
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