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I realized that they would have come out of what I pasted from the clipboard through a script. I took and modified one of your scripts, it turned out like this:
    sWait = 0
    for strLine in vLines:
        # Send the next line to the remote
        crt.Screen.Send(strLine + "\r")
        bSuccess = False
        # If the current line isn't empty, wait for it to be echo'd back to us
        if not strLine == "":
            # Wait for the remote to echo the line back to SecureCRT; bail if
            # the remote fails to echo the line back to us within 3 seconds.
            bSuccess = crt.Screen.WaitForStrings(["#", "$"], int(sWait))
And all the same, I think that a simple paste operation from the clipboard should not be cumbersome and executed by a script.
The simpler the better.
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