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SecureCRT - Leaving Session Hostname Blank

I'm starting to use secureCRT fairly heavily with AWS, to spin up and use EC2 instances.

However, the issue I'm running into is no easy way to setup a saved session with my key pair needed to connect, without modifying the session settings each time. What I would like for secureCRT to do is NOT save the session hostname. If I manually remove the hostname, then next time I connect using the saved session it does a popup asking for hostname/IP, which works great. However, I have to manually clear that hostname everytime, or edit it before trying to connect.

Is there someway to have secureCRT not try to be so helpful when I purposely want to keep the hostname blank (as it is always changing in my case). The IP/hostname I'm connecting to is always different, but the public key and sessions settings I like do not change, so wanting to take advantage of saved sessions if possible.
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