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Hi zybex,

First off, does your VShell version 3.9 have Enable keep alives enabled under the SSH2 category in VShell's Control Panel?

This option can help the server know more quickly if the peer connection has gone down (but if there's a network component that isn't passing along that notification, as may be the case for you, then having this option enabled might not make a difference).

Originally Posted by zybex View Post
Is there a way to adjust the lock timeout on the server settings?

Under the Common category in VShell's Control Panel, there's an option called Disconnect idle sessions after X minutes, right at the very top.

This option only has the granularity of 1 minute intervals in VShell version 3.9, so the minimum idle time that VShell can enforce in your particular situation is 1 minute.

Alternatively, if you desire to cut the idle timeout even shorter than a minute, VShell version 4.6 allows idle timeouts to be specified in seconds, rather than minutes (this option has been relocated to the SSH2 category in VShell 4.6, FYI).

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