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Originally Posted by limbergj View Post
Is there a list of the options that can be used for commandline sfxcl.exe?
The list of options that can be used with the SFXCL command line utility are listed by default if you run the SFXCL command without any arguments (or with ambiguous arguments).

Options are also listed in SecureFX's built-in help, within the topic titled, "Command-Line Utility", found in the Getting Started chapter.

Originally Posted by limbergj View Post
I'm looking for an option to tell a file to RESUME if it already exists in the destination like you can do with the GUI.

Would leaving out the "/OVERWRITE Always" option perform a resume on a retry?
/OVERWRITE always would always overwrite the file, so if resume is on the menu, you would not use 'always' as your /OVERWRITE directive.

would perform a resume, but only if the file is being being transferred as binary. Files transferred as ASCII cannot be resumed because line endings are potentially converted, and would change the size of the file -- making it impossible (without transferring the contents of the file again) to know for certain at what offset in the file the transfer should resume.
If resume is desired, you may also want to include the /TransferType binary option in your command line as well. For example:
SFXCL.exe /LOG DbgLog.txt /OVERWRITE resume /TransferType binary <source_specification> <destination_specification>
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