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Arrow How to use 'SFTP Session'

Over the course of a year I have to RDP into hundreds of Windows boxes and do work. From these remote Windows boxes I use SecureCRT to SSH into many Cisco routers, switches, and a lot of other devices too. Almost all of them are via SSH. A few via Telnet.

Every week or so I need to transfer files to or from these routers et al. Usually I install an SFTP server on the remote Windows box and hope the firewall won't interfere. This is a huge nuissance and time eater. And some of the devices want to use TFTP or FTP instead of SFTP.

Okay, but now I've found "SFTP Session" in SecureCRT properties. This might be exactly what I need. What is this? How do I use this? Can I transfer files between the remote windows box with SecureCRT and these routers?


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