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Originally Posted by rtb View Post
Hi Awfki,
Do you see this issue when using any other terminal emulator?
I do not see the problem with SSH from CLI.

Originally Posted by rtb View Post
There are a few locations where a password may be saved. It sounds like you have Keychain enabled. You can disable the use of Keychain in the General category of the Global Options dialog.

Additionally, you should make sure that you are not automating the logon in the Connection / Logon Actions category of the Session Options dialog.

It is not currently possible to prevent the saving of passwords in SecureCRT on Mac OS X. Should we add this capability, we will post to this forum thread.

In the meantime, the other place a password would be saved is the Connection / SSH2 category in the Session Options dialog.

Does this help?

I'll check through those locations and see what I turn up. I do know that logon automation is OFF.

I also know that the constant saving of the username is hugely annoying.
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