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Jump Server with Scripted Port forwarding


add new ssh2 session for a jumpserver with ip of
save the credentials for jubserver.

step2: once connected to jumserver - telnet to a modem at

step3: login to the gui of the same modem by launching a browser window http://localhost

step 3 wont work unless i first forwar tunnels from that original jumserver session.
right click saved jumserver session
under connection click port forwarding
click add
enter descriptive name : ForwardPort80
check manually enter local ip address
add ip of modem i am trying to connect to
add port i need forwarded: 80

add second port i need forwarded :8080

Now that forwarded ports are saved - launch browser to http://localhost to gain access to the gui interface to the modem

What is not clear is if i have the ip address of the modem on the clip board,
how do I automate this with SecureCRT so that the tunnels/portforward get setup with
the modem ip

Goal is to have the script opent both a telnet window and a gui window to the same device.

Any suggestions on how to script this in securtCRT would be welcome.
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