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PortForwarding after Jump Server Script

Hi - I currently have a simple hta script that connects to a jump server, and then forwards ports. It opens telnet session to a second host that is only reachable from the jumpserver. The host is just a modem . Goal of the script was to telnet to the modem and also pop up the gui interface for the same modem.

For this example the modem i am trying to reach has an ip of

This works with kitty command line as:
objShell.Run """c:\Program Files (x86)\KiTTY\KiTTy.exe"" -load jumpserver -L 80:" + + ":80 -L 8080:" + + ":8080 -cmd ""telnet " + + """"

WaitSeconds 3

objShell.Run """C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe"" http://localhost --incognito"

The port forwarding for 80 and 8080 is needed to enable the gui access for the modem interface.

What would be the equivalent SecureCRT script command line to connect to a jumphost, forward the ports to , telnet to and then pop the gui window for the modem in the incognito window.

The jumpserver and its credentials dont change.
The only variable is the ip address of whatever modem I am trying to reach beyond the jump server.

Ideally, would like to just copy the modem IP to clipboard prior to running any SecureCrt script and then just run the SecureCRT script that will grab the ip address from the clipboard as a variable.

Any suggestion on the script syntax would be most appreciated.
Using SecureCRT 8.x
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