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Hi Blackeee,

I haven't been able to identify the specific "bug" that you're seeing just yet. There are some scripting guidelines that we should address and I'll need a little additional information before we can get to the bottom of the issue.

In reviewing the code I noticed that the line:

crt.Screen.Send "sh int statu" & chr(13) & vbcr
is sending two carriage returns. Generally when Synchronous is set to true we need to do one send with one carriage return followed by a WaitForString. Are you intentionally sending two returns? Would removing the chr(13) be an option?

The next block of code I have questions about is:

    count = 0
        crt.Screen.Send " "
        if count = 20 then exit do
        count = count + 1
Why are you sending 20 spaces to the remote? Is this in an effort to handle the device needing a button press to show more data? If so, have you considered turning off paging on the device to simply the process?

I am also not clear on what the following code does.
    strCompleteOutput = Replace(strCompleteOutput, _
    vblf & vbcr & vbcr & " " & vbcr, vblf & vbcr)
If the behavior of the script does not improve by removing the duplicate carriage return on your first send we may need a more detailed, Raw, log. This will help me get a better idea of what exactly the remote is sending. This may help illustrate why you need to do the replace on strCompleteOutput.

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