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Originally Posted by swatspyder View Post
[*]In the "Send" field, enter the following (modified how you need it):
/usr/bin/mosh --server="mosh-server new -l LANG=en_US.UTF-8" --ssh="ssh -p [port #]" [username]@[IP ADDR]
Interesting... it looks like your are just getting SecureCRT to execute the Mosh binary you previously installed.

So... where does one find themselves getting into the gray area when it comes to Licensing?

Could SecureCRT have a connection dialog that says 'Mosh' and within it, the users is asked for their Mosh directory (where they themselves previously installed Mosh) and all the other connection parameters? SecureCRT would then formulate the correct connection syntax behind the scenes and initiate a Mosh connection that way itself.

If the user is required to install Mosh themselves first, does that absolve SecureCRT of any licensing issues, or does adding hooks for it at all in your program put you into dangerous waters?

(Conveniently ignoring the possibility of Mosh changing syntax/code one day and completely breaking SecureCRT )
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