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Hi Bprager,

There may be a couple of font/line drawing settings that
could work for you.

In the font that you are currently using, have you tried any
other 'Character encoding' options in the 'Appearance'
sub-category under 'Terminal' in the 'Session Options'?

This font does not seem to support UTF-8 as the character

If that does not work, try setting the font to 'Lucida
Console' and the 'Character encoding' to 'OEM'. This does
work on many systems.

If none of these options work, could you send me a raw log
of the connection so that I can see what the remote is
requiring for line drawing?

To create a raw log:

1. Before connecting with the session, select Raw
Log Session from CRT's File menu.

2. In the Select Log File dialog, choose a folder
and filename in which you would like the log
text to be stored and click the Save button.
At this point, if you open the File menu, you
will notice that Raw Log Session now has a
check-mark next to it; this indicates that raw
logging is activated.

3. Now connect to the remote machine and perform the
actions which cause the reported problem to occur.

4. Disconnect the session and select Raw Log Session
from the File menu to turn off the raw log feature.

5. Browse to the location of the raw log file, attach it to
an email sent to with a subject of
ATTN: Teresa Forum Thread 921


Teresa Nygren
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