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Hi zender42,

You have to have a rows/columns configuration, agreed? It's the nature of a terminal emulator.
Is there any way, be it native to SecureCRT or otherwise, to prevent the window from resizing on initial connection? I've spent quite a while searching, to no avail.
So what you dislike is the discrepancy between rows/columns of the application window with no sessions open and when there is a session connected.

Default Session is what provides the rows/columns configuration (Terminal / Emulation category) when no sessions are open.

You stated this:
If SecureCRT just left the size alone, that would be far more ideal.
Which would mean you need to configure all sessions to match the dimensions of the empty application window (ie: Default Session). However, you already stated it would be difficult for you to standardize all sessions to be one configuration.

I think the solution for you is to configure Default Session only to provide dimensions on the empty application window that aren't as different from your saved sessions as is presently the case.

Here are some links to a tip and a video that provide more details about Default Session.

Subsequent new connections don't resize the screen.
As a note, this is expected behavior due to the first tab always controls the font, rows and columns as is displayed in a dialog the first time you connect multiple tabs.

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