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Hi bgagnon!

There is still quite a bit unknown about your overall goal.
My goal is to have the script always running and when I jump into another device the script changes the tab name and also the log file name.

How are you making the initial connection?
I open my default session of Secure CRT, which is (NETCSL001=Server 1). From there I jump to other network devices(Switches, Routers, CSS, ACE, etc). Sometimes it may happen that I use (NETCSS001=Server 2) as my starting jump point.

And in those sessions, you have configured the Upon connect option in the Terminal / Log File category of Sessions Options.
Is that the case?
I have just one session. I have set my script to run as "Logon script:"

Do you know how can I add the desire comment (Date and month) upon connect to a new hostname?

Thank you!
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