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Hi Christo,

I looked at v16 of your script, and did not see anything in the code that would result in data not being written to the Excel spreadsheet.

One suggestion would be to confirm that the data being written to the Excel spreadsheet in rows after 5 is formatted to have text the same color as the background. This may not be the only formatting issue.

Another suggestion would be to place your message box after you write the serial number to the spreadsheet, so you can see what was written. Further, you could have a message box telling you what is about to be written, and then another that reads what is written.

If this doesn't help, another option is to use strategically placed message boxes in your code to determine what certain variables contain at certain points, to help ensure that what you think is happening is really happening.

Another option would be to write to a comma delimited file, and see if you get the data you expect.

It is also possible that because you are not saving the Excel spreadsheet, the data is lost.

Finally, you may want to step through your script using a debugger to see what might be happening.

Do these suggestions help debug your script?

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