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Originally Posted by miked
Hello Tim,

In SecureFX you can set the default transfer type to binary (Global Options / Transfer). This will cause SecureFX to transfer all files with an unknown file extension in binary mode. You'll still need to modify transfer type for known file extensions.

To make files with known file extensions transfer as binary, you can either modify each of the file types in Global Options / File Transfer / File Types, or modify the File Types.ini file directly. Since you want all files to transfer as binary, it would be fastest to modify the File Types.ini file directly and just remove all but one of the listings (SecureFX will populate the file with defaults if the file is completely empty). I've attached a simple File Types.ini file with only one entry, as an example.

The File Types.ini file is located in the SecureFX configuration. You'll find the configuration folder location specified in Global Options / General.
Thanks Mike - I guess modifying File Types.ini would be most expedient.

Add it to the "Feature Request List", I guess, to have a global override... you know, for all file types instead of just unknown ones. Then one could flip between everything being their chosen transfer type, or being file-type-specific, as the need arose. :-)

- Tim
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