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It sounds like you're saying that SSH works fine but that the telnet fallback is causing an error.

I'd like to verify that I understand how the script is called and the logic involved.

You call the script using a command like the following:
SecureCRT.exe /S "Session Name" /SCRIPT "c:\Scripts\ProtocolFallbackScript.vbs" /ARG "devicename"
The script puts the devicename into the "device" variable and tries to connect using SSH2. If SecureCRT detects the string in the device variable (within 4 seconds) then you're connected. Otherwise you want to run connect using the Telnet protocol.

I think that the following line will cause a runtime error because you're not connected:
crt.Screen.Send "telnet " & device & chr(13)
The CRT Scripting Runtime error probably says "Error: Screen.Send: not connected".

Is this summary correct?
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