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Although I bet I could answer your questions, I'll let the powers that be answer them in their official speak.

I will share my experience on your last question though:

Originally Posted by nolan.rumble View Post
7. What's the maximum number of (regex/literal) strings I can add before SecureCRT starts to have a noticeable slowdown in performance?

In my experience thus far, the number of keywords has largely been irrelevant. I personally tested a keyword file with several hundred entries and SecureCRT never skipped a beat. The limitation *appears* to be the complexity of those RegEx expressions.

The one and only time that I've been able to bog down SecureCRT's keyword matching (all the way to the application reporting as 'not responding') was when I had multiple active tabs connected; one was doing an ftp transfer of a large file and one of those tabs was capturing (logging) a 'show tech' from our Nexus 5k switch. The log was matching a lot of complicated RegEx keywords, scrolling really fast, and totaled over 40meg when finished. It was pretty hilarious.

I'm not completely sure why it bogged down. None of my machine's 8 cores showed 100% and I had plenty of memory free.

TLDR Version: Unless you're nuts, it should preform fine with whatever you throw at it.
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