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keyword highlighting


I would like to first say that it's awesome to see my feature request (keyword highlighting) appearing the latest release of SecureCRT!!

Having said that I have some questions as the documentation of the feature is somewhat limited.

1. Can I use a combination of literal strings and regex strings?
2. If I want case sensitivities to be applied to a particular string but not others, would I have to use a regex string for that?
3. What's the reason for not allowing spaces in the regular experessions? The program says that it can't use regex strings with spaces, but in other programs I can use the literal space character as well as \s to indicate a space without a problem?
4. If I wanted to match a string and then highlight the whole line or a series of characters/words following the line, how would/can I do this?
5. Once I've created a list with one entry and applied it to a session which is still connected, it will highlight the first keyword in the list but no others. It seems that I have to completely shutdown SecureCRT before the list reads all the other key word highlighting rules. Disconnecting from the session is not sufficient. Am I doing something wrong?
6. Can you provide a more extensive list of sample regex strings that are compatible with SecureCRT?
7. What's the maximum number of (regex/literal) strings I can add before SecureCRT starts to have a noticeable slowdown in performance?

Once again...thanks for the feature! I will definitely be using it quite extensively.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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