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Hi vincococka,

My manager went through the steps while capturing a Process Monitor log and found that the DLL is attempting to load other DLLs (e.g. libykpiv-1.dll). If the YubiKey Management Tool (non CLI) isn't installed, then this DLL isn't available in the PATH environment variable, and the PKCS #11 DLL cannot find its companion/dependent DLL for loading.

I've turned the bug report into a feature request to be more compatible with this situation, but as a workaround in the meantime, one solution would be to add that folder where the libykpiv-1.dll and libykcs11-1.dll files live to your system PATH environment variable so that the sibling DLL can be found when the PKCS #11 DLL is loaded.

The reason why it works when you browse to the DLL file again, is that action causes SecureCRT's working directory to change, thereby facilitating the YubiKey PKCS#11 DLL's ability to load its companion DLL file (libykpiv-1.dll).
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